We require payment in full to secure a booking.


The studios are available from 7am - 11pm, 7 days a week. We are available by phone from 9am - 5pm on weekdays. We do our best to answer emails ASAP, 24/7.


If you cancel more than 48 hours before the start of the booking you will receive a full refund. If you cancel between 24-48 hours before the start of the booking you will receive a 50% refund. We do not issue refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of the start of the booking. Bookings start at the time of the reservation. If you arrive late and need to extend your booking past the scheduled end time, that will count as overtime.


Any deliveries or pick-ups before or after the booking must be pre-arranged with the studio. We try our best to accommodate deliveries and pickups but we cannot 100% guarantee that these can be accommodated.

If you are booking multiple days in a row and wish to leave your setup and equipment in tact, we require either a 10 hour booking OR a $100 fee (if your booking is less than 10 hours) to block out the evening.


Noise must be kept to a respectable volume as we have other tenants and neighbors in the building.  Music should not be able to be heard from the hallways from outside the studio doors. Any noise generated that would be considered outside of a normal office volume such as live instruments, singing, dance rehearsals, is strictly prohibited and you will be asked to cease your production and/or leave the studio. Please coordinate with the studio ahead of time if you feel your booking may generate noise beyond a reasonable volume.


Overtime hours are billed at the same rate per hour as the original booking.

You may extend into overtime if needed as long as it does not conflict with a booking after yours. Please note that we close at 11pm, so you may also not extend past that time.

You must be COMPLETELY wrapped by the end of your booking to avoid overtime hours being billed.  If you are still shooting and/or wrapping up when your booking ends, this will count as overtime.


The studios must be left the way you found it. All equipment must be put away, with trash brought to the trash bins. If the studio requires significant cleaning after your booking, a cleaning fee of $100 will be added.



We guarantee black / super white / fashion grey savage seamless paper at all times. We stock a VERY large supply of other color options (about 30-40 rolls at any given time) but specific colors outside of those 3 are not guaranteed and your choice will be subject to our current stock at the time.

If you'd like to request and guarantee a specific color ahead of time, we charge a service fee of $55/roll and we will have that new and ready for you at the start of your booking. We also typically ask for a few days notice if you wish to request a specific roll.

We have a very large volume of bookings per week so our seamless inventory is constantly changing. Even if we have a certain color in stock the day before your booking, it may be gone by the time you arrive. Since we cannot 100% guarantee specific colors without the service fee, we do not provide information on the current stock.

As a reminder, you can always bring your own paper (and any other gear you wish) into the studio at no fee.


We are NOT a sound stage. The studios are NOT noise proof. They are generally very quiet and we have bookings every week that come to record interviews and video with audio, but we cannot guarantee complete silence. There may be foot traffic down the hallways, noise from the street, or any number of other noises which may interfere with your shoot. We strongly recommend coming for a tour first before booking the studios for audio recording purposes.


Rooftop access is strictly prohibited.

Drug use is strictly prohibited.

Smoking/vaping of any substance is strictly prohibited anywhere within the building.

DO NOT use the public areas (hallways, conference room, lobby, etc.) as an extension of the studio.  Filming and shooting is only permitted within the studio spaces.

Please do not drag any furniture or heavy objects across the floors.  Please ask if you need assistance moving anything.


Egg Studios, LLC shall not be responsible or liable to Client, or any person claiming, by, through, or under Client, for any loss or damage to any property or business in the premises. Egg Studios, LLC shall not be responsible for any accident or injury, including death, to any of Client’s employees, agents or invitees in or about the Demised Premises. 

Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Egg Studios, LLC its officers, directors, partners, employees, and agents of the Demised Premises or any portion thereof, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees.


The client hereby accepts full responsibility for the replacement costs of any damages or loss incurred during their time at Egg Studios, LLC.

Egg Studios, LLC is not responsible for any left or lost items in the studio.